An intelligent module custom designed to automatically traverse IVRs and input key information. Deploying this patent pending technology for outbound calling allows agent processes to be streamlined while significantly reducing minutes per call. Work processes for each agent are automated to allow making calls with a click of a button. One of the key features of bizdial, Traverse helps organizations show employee value by deploying tools that make their job easier and increase productivity.

Typical call flows require agents to manually make calls, follow call processes, and input account information through IVRs wasting valuable agent time. With many manual processes to follow, it becomes a challenging job for agents resulting in increased stress, absenteeism, and staff turnover. This means that at a given time, there are multiple “new” agents still in the process of building expert level knowledge and skills causing lower first call resolution or increased call duration leading to lower customer satisfaction. Bizdial is an ideal solution to boost customer satisfaction, increase agent morale & productivity, and reduce operations cost.

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